Welcome to the Yum Yum!

First post on a health food blog. I never, ever thought I’d see the day.

If you’ve already read my About Me, you know that about a year ago, my boyfriend and I decided to make a drastic change in how we were eating. No more eating out multiple times a week (or even a day), no more unlimited pasta portions, and no more dessert as a second dinner (rather than an occasional treat).

Such a drastic change meant two things for us (but, more specifically, for me): 1) I had to learn how to cook, and 2) I really had to learn what to cook. Fortunately, hours spent on Pinterest and recipe recommendations from paleo friends helped soften the edges of such daunting tasks.

Over the course of the past nine or ten months, we’ve tailored our menu by drawing  inspiration from a variety of diets/lifestyles, most frequently: primal, paleo, and ketones/ketosis. Our main goals are as follows:

  • Whole, minimally processed foods
  • Low sodium
  • Low sugar / low on the glycemic index (GI)
  • Low carb (bread, pasta, crackers, etc.)
  • Infrequent meals eaten out
  • All around, as much make-it-yourself eating as possible

I will concede that periodically, we allow ourselves to have treats (hey, sometimes you’ve just gotta have a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks, am I right?). The phrase “everything in moderation” — which I must admit, I never understood previously — really helps us curb our cravings/prevent binges.

As something of a healthy noshing novice, I hope this blog helps me find new, delicious, and healthy things to eat, and perhaps helps you to do the same.

Let us nom and be merry (and healthy), as they say.

xo, Rae


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