TAZO Passion Tea with Lemon Drop Stevia 

Are there are any other Starbucks iced PTL (or, passion tea lemonade) lovers out there?! Because, if you miss having PTLs the way I do,  you’ve gottttt to try this! 

I am SO into it for spring and summer (but, let’s be real, probably fall and winter too).

Ingredients (it’s so easy):

  • 1 TAZO pitcher tea bag
  • Water (refer to the box, but about 40 ounces, I think)
  • Lemon Drop liquid stevia**


  1. Steep the tea as instructed on the packaging (or to the strength you prefer). See photo below. 
  2. Remove the tea from heat and place into a pitcher. 
  3. Serve over ice.
  4. Add lemon drop stevia drops.**
  5. Drink this to your heart’s content. 

** I like this SWEET, so I use 6 to 8 drops. But, for less sweetness, cut that down

    The side of the Tazo package

     Seriously. That’s it. 

    While this certainly isn’t a total replacement for Starbucks’ PTL, it really satisfies my craving for them, especially since I don’t frequently make my own lemonade. 

    Shall we call this the Passion Tea Lemon Drop? A PTLD? Can we make this a thing?! 

    Have you tried any other stevia flavors with tea? What’s your favorite combination? 

    Let’s drink and be merry, and healthy! 

    Xo Rae

    PS: There seems to be some debate here on the interwebs as to whether or not this tea is paleo/primal, and the main difference seems to come down to brand (is it Teavana as sold in stores, or is it Tazo you buy at the store). Does any one have any final thoughts on this? If so, please, please share! 


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