Paleo Blender Banana Loaf 

The discovery of Paleo Gluten Free’s “5 Minute Paleo Banana Bread” was one of the best discoveries of 2017. Seriously. I highly recommend you go check out the original post, as that’s what I adapted this recipe from. I like banana bread / banana loaf quite a bit sweeter than the original recipe (and thought… Continue reading Paleo Blender Banana Loaf 

Lazy Primal Chicken Parmesan 

Today’s recipe is an inexact, “wing it” type recipe, so if you’re not onto that, it may drive you bonkers.  None the less, I’m sharing, because, you know, tasty….  Ingredients: 2 eggs Almond Flour (maybe 1/2 – 3/4 cup?) Mrs. Dash Italian Spice Blend (as much as you like)  Parmesan Cheese (to taste)  1 package… Continue reading Lazy Primal Chicken Parmesan